13 October 2005

Local Park Looking Good

Took my walk at a county park today. Couldn't stay long because I forgot my hat! Do NOT like sun in the eyes. It was so bright out that photo-gray glasses AND pop on shades were no help at all. Now, back to a moment of silence in respect for the victims of the recent natural disasters.

09 October 2005

Giving YELLOW It's Day in the Sun

These were taken around the neighborhood. I'll stop with the Fall foliage pretty quick - but only because it won't be available much longer!

08 October 2005

저기저 ("um, uh") and 뭐랄까 ("what shall I say")

The title of this post actually has nothing to do with it's contents. I blatently lifted it from the the entertaining Space Nakji at
It's a good read. She should write a book!

The topic of the day is actually "how to respond when paid a complement about your children or spouse." As my good e-mail buddy, Robin Kim of Southern California, has been discussing with me, this can be awkward in Korean culture because if you say "Thank you" or agree, it looks like you are kind of bragging, or complimenting yourself in some way-as if you had something to do with it.

So, all you people out there who are enmeshed in Korean culture or anyone else who has faced this situation - here is Sunny's solution.

Korean Person: "Your daughter is so beautiful."
Sunny: (thinking "Sherlock Holmes has nothing on you" but saying out loud) "What shall I say, she takes after her grandmother in that respect."
Korean Person: (Nodding sagely) "Oh".

I admit in the above scenario the grandmother I might secretly be thinking of would be my own beautiful mother, but, see how that deflects the attention to Halmoni without agreeing with or denying the compliment? And, no one can deny Halmoni's own beauty.

Here's another.

Korean Person: "I heard your son is a little genius boy."
Sunny: (thinking "We heard that too, from his teachers, from his test scores, etc," but saying out loud) "Um, uh, he inherited it from his grandfather."
Korean Person: "Really?"
Sunny: Yes, Halabogi is one of the most intelligent gentlemen around. People just don't realize it because he is the quiet type. Still waters run deep, you know."
Korean Person: "Yeah...what you said."

Or, my favorite.

Korean Person: "You're so lucky to have such a good husband."
Sunny: "His father set him a good example."
Korean Person: "Huh?"
Sunny: smiles sweetly and thinks "well duh".

Um, uh, what shall I say...it never seems inappropriate to praise the grandparents.

02 October 2005

Fleeting Fall

Of course it's October everywhere and the entire Northern hemisphere is enjoying the Autumn season, but I couldn't resist adding my few pics worth. What with the glorious weather and colors (that the photos don't come close to doing justice to) it feels just opulant. So, come on everybody! Enjoy! It doesn't last long.

01 October 2005

River Walk

Here are some pics from the river today. I wasn't going to post them but Jason came over and cropped and photo-shopped them to bring out the color better.