29 September 2007

Adrienne and Aileen

I'm back from Las Vegas where I was taking care of the grandnieces who live there while their parents had to be out of town. The picture of the baby is current, but her sister is now six years old and in first grade. Both girls have been featured on this blog in the past, but, you know how kids keep growing and changing, makes it hard to decide which of their cute kiddie pics to post.

26 September 2007

Another year-another "Chuseok"

Korean Thanksgiving was this week. It coincides with the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon is the biggest full moon of the year. The full moon was either tonight or last night, depending on who you ask. This photo was taken tonight. Looks pretty full to me - even if a little lopsided.

I never much cared for "Chuseok" as a holiday. I don't even like the sound of the word "chuseok". It sounds exactly like CHEW SUCK in English. Like, you chew a bunch of food and suck down a bunch of beverage. Which is actually pretty appropriate considering that the entire celebration consists of getting together for a huge meal with the extended family...uh, oh yeah, just like the American Thanksgiving.

Info via internet indicated that Chuseok was yesterday, but I think the local relatives celebrated it the night before. Maybe they were doing it a day early here in order to celebrate on the actual holiday over in Korea which is a day ahead of us.

They aren't the only ones guilty of celebrating occasions a little off the actual day. For example, Halabogi's birthday is tomorrow. But, I have to work tomorrow evening, so, I went ahead and brought over a cake etc. today. I figured it wouldn't matter that much because...

I know for a "fact" that Halabogi's b'day is tomorrow. It says right on his passport "Date of Birth September 27, 1920". That would be his passport issued by the Korean government. I highly doubt the Korean passport issuing office is in the habit of making up dates of birth on a whim. Furthermore, as the power of attorney conducting all his business, I have to give out his birthdate on a regular basis: to the social security office, medical facilities, etc. I think I have it memorized by now! Even so, it was mentioned to me that this might not be his real birthday, since it is not based on the lunar calandar. Preferring to be safe rather than sorry, I proceeded to bring on the goodies. He was pleased. Especially with the gift. (Probably any one familiar with Korean customs can guess what THAT was.) Seemed to be expecting some kind of recognition of his special day. But, he also softly reminded our niece, "Don't forget my REAL birthday on October 19!" Ah well, At 87, it is better to have too much birthday than too little.