24 July 2007

I wouldn't mind a trip like that myself

They got to make masks, lanterns,
and fans.

23 July 2007

More of Jimmy's trip

The kids in the group got to have some nice hands-on experience with traditional type Korean percussion instruments.

But, some of them were hands-OFF!

19 July 2007

"King James"

It was a good time for the kids on the Korea trip. They got to visit the king's palace-which is presumably preserved and restored from the olden days,

and dress up in old-timey traditional clothes.

Here is Jimmy playing the part of the king at court.

10 July 2007

Jimmy just back from Korea

Here's a photo he took on the grounds of the Blue House (Korean equivilent of our White House). More pics coming later.

07 July 2007

From the front yard

A picture really IS worth a thousand words.

Here they are from another angle.