10 December 2005

Blog Buddy

I got to meet fellow blogger Hannah and her dear husband and cute baby. This was taken in Incheon where they live.

"Paige and Emily"

I met these twins. Their mom gave me permission to post their pic. She said the western nicknames were Paige and Emily. But later I saw them in writing as Daizy and Amy. Doesn't matter. I can't tell them apart anyway. Why should I know which set of names to call them? I get by with calling them "sweetie" and the like. Supposedly one of them has a freckle on her face by which you can tell them apart. Yeah, I can really see it too.

Or is that "Daizy and Amy"

Long Time No Blog

Here are the promised photos of Bucheon. It was a lot more charming before the snow fell and the bitter cold set in.

Back then the leaves were still falling from the trees. One kind (some call it a "tulip poplar", but I don't know for sure) was bigger than any I'd ever seen.

I couldn't resist a pic of this elderly couple walking in the park. Hopefully now that the weather has turned they are staying in out of the cold and off the ice.