30 August 2005


Cousin Hee-Hoon from Detroit came to visit Halmoni and Hadaboji for a couple days. I think we were able to show him a good time. He had never jet-ski'd and he seemed to enjoy it. Jeanne's daddy was commenting on what a sweet natured kid Hee-Hoon always was. I'm sure that's true. He should know. But, it has also been my experience that many Korean people have a cultural graciousness and hospitableness about them that Westerners find attractive. And, in general, my husband's cousins are the very embodiment of that trait. Nice to have rellies that do you proud.

29 August 2005

Second Place Trophy

The softball season is over. Our team took second place. I use the term "our" loosely since I am not actually ON the team. But, I did have to play as an alternate a couple times this year. The final night of the season was last night. It was a situation where all the ramaining contenders had to play game after game until teams dropped out of the running. The first game of the evening started at 5:20 PM. The final game ended at 11:40 PM. It was 5 games straight through with no break. If we had won one more game we'd have taken first place. Some of the college aged crowd had their first day of the new semester this morning so I don't suppose any of them started school real rested. Anyway, since Mr. Sunny is the team captain our family was blessed with taking the trophy home. One year in the past we took first place and got T-shirts. I remember it because I played in only one game that entire season-the final one-which got me a team shirt.

06 August 2005

We Don't Play ALL the Time

But as much as possible. Last summer when we were camping Mr. Sunny made a new pal. The deer around there were pretty used to humans but he was the only human we saw around there get chummy enough with one to feed it by hand and pat it's neck.