25 October 2009

Fall is not ALL about the leaves

When we first rolled into this town a couple decades ago and saw this seemingly barren landscape, I had no idea that just a few minutes off the beaten track could be found

pockets of pretty like this
or maybe this-depending on the camera setting. My pictures never seem to get the color just like the real thing. My theory is, you can either enjoy the season or try to photograph it.

These fishing folks seemed to be enjoying it.As they left the river I tried to capture an image of the two of them together between the trees. But, they walked too fast for the camera.

On second glance though,

They ARE both in both images (a bit).

These nice folks assured me that they are already movie stars and don't need any publicity. I promised them that a brief exposure on the sunny blog won't catapult them to any further fame or fortune.

I wanted to title this next set of pics
"What Northern Nevada Kids Do For Fun",
But then I realized....

she's no kid.

Some of the best colors are in our own yard.

spider webs (do a quick click on the pic to see one).

18 October 2009

Apple Picking Adventure

See that man? No? Look again. It is Mr. Sunny up that tree.

Northwest Nancy joined in on the fun, climbing her way to "fame" in sunny blogland.

Thanks for dropping by, Nancy. If you drop by this post, please feel free to leave a comment. And, get busy blogging.

Even Sunny climbed the tree (never mind that she needed help getting back down-that's not part of the story here).
And where did we have this terrific time? In the "cozy" neighbor's yard. Con Permiso, of course.

Yes, the neighbor's name sounds exactly like the word "cozy". And if this is not a cozy yard, I don't know what it is.

04 October 2009

In case this is it

('cause I'm pretty busy these days)
Sunny roses seem to fit
this blog if it goes, (or stays).

Opportunity for a quick day trip

fell into my lap yesterday. Even though the weather was windy and chilly (and I was a bit under it), lots of lovely scenery involving nature and wildlife was enjoyable.
This beaky boy among the tufa formations is probably going to lunch on some of the brine shrimp found abundantly in the waters of Mono lake.

Evidently they thrive in the mud too.

One less thriving now.