31 January 2009

a meSS of sunny fun

Clearly I have not been in my blog buddy's neighborhood for a long time. Because, from her back porch yesterday, we saw distant hillside letters that I had not been previously aware of in this community. No, she did not know where to find the trail, but we concurred as to how there must be one, seeing as how those letters did not get up there by evolution. "Are you going hiking now?" She asked as we said our 'goodbyes'. "Not in these shoes." I unintentionally lied to her. But, after taking my leave it occured to me that some fun in the sun is worth a pair of pretty shoes anyday.

I didn't bother to look for the path. It was an easy scramble from the road ahead up that little ridge sloping down from the letters. Presumably the path was in the canyon behind the letters (see the churned up looking dirt? That is the top of a canyon). But, I did NOT attempt to explore it, because...

Just as I was calling her from this very spot to tell her that my shoes were now dirty and that she had not missed much, (For her version of the story, click here )
the interest level of the situtation picked up a bit.
Far below I saw what appeared to be a toy truck.
With the help of many multiples of magnification I was able to capture the moment when two guys got out
and began unloading
and setting up something in the direction of the canyon,
which I correctly presumed was target practise.

I cautiously proceeded to make my way down-staying in gulleys as much as possible in case they commenced to shoot. Right, they weren't going to be shooting AT me, but why risk a stray bullet? Of course, I couldn't resist peaking over the edge of my dirt 'fortress' from time to time to observe and record their progress.
Finally when I was out in the open on level ground in plain view and blatently taking pictures of them, they must have noticed me because they never fired a shot until I was safely at my vehicle. And, I have to admit the reports echoed grandly through the canyon.
And this picture? Has nothing to do with the story. I didn't even know he was in the truck when I took it. The whole setting was much too far away to see that kind of detail. Surprising what shows up with digital zoom.

Welcome to the Blogosphere.

A hearty hello to new blogger Momma Marie . She just got started yesterday and already has three posts up.
Click her name above for a beautiful experience.

26 January 2009

Lunar New Year Revisited

The children did a group ceremonial bow to Halaboji (grandfather and great-grandfather to members of this group. The only part of him in the photo is the toes in the lower left corner.)
Please note that Aunt Sunny does NOT have favorites, even though the girls looked adorable in traditional dresses,
(and, how darling is that little one growing determinedly into her dearly departed great-grandmother's hanbok?)

and, these are the frightening faces of the boys.

18 January 2009

This "Just in"

Actually, he's been back for almost a week, but with jet-lag and unpacking etc., I am just in time to post some pics of the sunny boy's trip to Uganda.

He had a lovely time volunteering at the clinic and helping with the children.
This is my favorite photo.

13 January 2009

Random Reader Recognition

Happy birthday Sunbeam.
She concocted this creation to ring in the new year.
I bet Nevada Hiker would like this bumper sticker-if he doesn't already have one. Maybe it was his car down the street from our house. (Tx for the link, KK)

"Hi guys" to the bloggers of Morning Ramble and May's Day.

The talented 9 year old who took the above photo has her own reasons for appreciating this street sign.

This next set is for Mama Dulce and Mama Bird.
These antics were captured on December 30, 2008.

Fuzzy digital magnification shows short sleeves on one of the boys and the other was wearing cutoffs. They're not crazy kids-it wan't that bad out. (Sunny bundled up)

Last but not least, Selah Skipper, if you are still checking in, please peek at this problem and ponder it prudently. See the trouble I had photographing the moon at perigree? Nasty old clouds and telephone poles messed up my picture. You could cheer me up by starting your own blog. But.... if you already have one and didn't tell me....
You're in big trouble mister! (See you in July.)

Having trouble with links these days, so if all of you mentioned want to maximize the 'fame' that comes from appearing on the sunny blog, you'll have to comment with a clickable link to your own site.

For the unmentioned faithful few
(and feedgit gadgit's drop-ins too)
I appreciate every one of you.

11 January 2009

What a Hoot

After we got home from our failed attempt for a decent pic of the rising moon last night (blame it on the clouds), we had a sighting of the neighborhood owl at the top of a tree. It was really too dark to get a picture but Mr. Sunny obligingly attempted it. He captured this interesting image.
Old Mr. Owl didn't like our attention and he flapped away to the top of a different tree. It couldn't quite sustain his weight and swayed alarmingly-to which I "hooted" a little too loudly for his liking. He departed with a disdainful 'who-who' (do you think you are?).

10 January 2009

Sky Watch Friday

I stand corrected. I have previously mentioned in this blog that the Harvest and Hunter moons are the biggest or brightest of the year. Turns out that is just folk-lore. In fact, the largest AND brightest full moon is when it is at the perigree (closest to earth). It happened on December 12 2008 and it is due to happen again tonight. If I am wrong again, blame it on the internet.

Plenty of other things besides that moon to look at in the sky last night.
And yesterday.
The question is, will we get any good pics tonight?

And, the answer turned out to be....Not really, but I did get a good shot of

My personal sunshine? The light of my life? Yes, but..

08 January 2009

fixer-up fotos

I've always been a SOOC (straight out of the camera - learned that lingo from blogger Mama Bird recently) kind of blogger. Not because I'm a purist, just didn't know any better. No kidding, I just found out within the last few weeks about cropping photos and fixing red-eye. But, a recent discussion about digitally tinkering with photos over at Sierra Nevada Ramblings gave me the idea to try it for the very first time.

For example, last night the sunset was cloudless and kind of colorless. Didn't stop me from taking pictures of it. This is how it actually looked. Kind of pretty in its own way. Almost a purplish tint to that gray sky.
THIS is how it looked after I added some 'warm tint' to it.
The stark branches were interesting shapes in the dusk.
It looks like the sky in the background is getting duskier and more purple but it was really only me darkening it up
and adding a bluer tint.

Night fell and without the flash this last picture was too dark for recognition. I almost deleted it. But with a little lightening up of the background....this ugly thing appeared.
So, who thinks I should just be a purist? That would be me. Well, if I post any tinkered pics I'll admit it. But, if unlike me, anyone else is having better luck getting their tinkered photos to look better than the natural ones, please have at it. I like to look at PRETTY pictures.

07 January 2009

Sort of tagged

(Links aren't loading right now, but I got this game from http://sleepycathollow.wordpress.com/)

The rules:

1) Go to your picture folder, or wherever you store your photos on your computer

2) Go to the sixth folder and pick the sixth picture.

3) Post it on your blog and tell the story that goes along with the picture

4) Tag five friends to do the same thing, and leave a message on their blog that they have been tagged.

I tag everyone who reads this blog, both of you!

Please leave a message in the comments if you play so I can go look at your picture and story.

The disclaimer: the 6th picture wouldn't load for some reason and the 4th and 5th pictures couldn't be used for privacy reasons (showed the face of this little guy), so, I had to back up to the second or third or something. Sue me.

The story: We'll call the gentleman in the wheel-chair "Jeb'. He used to be a real popular guy at church before his stroke. He was a friendly door-greeter, gave out gum to little kids, showed a real interest in everybody. Folks came to him to talk over all kinds of things. He'd listen intently and make sympathetic sounds. Just a real nice people person.

Then he had this massive stroke that almost left him dead. In fact, when he had it, I was in Korea taking my in-laws to the NEWSTART program there. I kept thinking, "Oh, Jeb would really love this program. It would be good for him and with his friendly nature he'd be good for everyone else here." Then, when I got home, there he was lying in a hospital bed unable to speak. For a man like him to not be able to speak was a real loss. Talking with people was his THING! He gripped my hand and I said, "Jeb, you can't talk now but you can still listen." He got my message.

He still can't talk much, but he is back to being a friendly door greeter. He gives gum to little kids and shows a real interest in everybody. Folks come to him to talk over all kinds of things. He listens intently and makes sympathetic sounds. Just a real nice people person. First time he got back to church with his angel-of-a-wife, the whole program had to stop while he got a standing ovation. He is a real popular guy there.

The little guy? Oh, that is the congregational grandson. His mommy calls him "a grandpa's boy." He loves all grandfathers. He and Jeb are great pals. He loves to run to 'grandpa' Jeb and hold his hand. Guess the title of this photo should be...


06 January 2009

The Sunnys go sledding

Mr. Sunny DOES like snow, and has been known to go out of his way to experience it, so, we hit the slopes.
Sunny does not personally understand the attraction some folks have for sliding on icy surfaces. But, Mr. Sunny appears happy enough. Until, oh no! What's wrong?
Turn around, Mr. Sunny.
You're heading for...
Oh well, might as well go for it.

04 January 2009

Snow re-play

This is for Mr. Sunny

He objected to the previously posted snow pix because, as he said, "Why post unattractive photos when you have pretty ones?" So, down with the old and up with the new.

(But..a demonstration of BAD snow was the whole idea.)

03 January 2009

Pink Sky at Night = SUNNY DELIGHT

My new Christmas camera from Mr. Sunny has a 'sunset' setting. The same setting works perfectly well on a sunRISE. In case anyone thinks I haven't been having fun with it, just look at a few of the recent posts and pics. But, these picture are not actually of the sun rising or setting. It is what is referred to around here as alpen glow (although if you want to be technical, I don't think it truly is). Regardless, one nice thing about the sky around here is how it sometimes gets pink to the east with the sunsets and to the west at sunrise. Has something to do with clouds, the mountains, and the elevation etc.

This is the western sky at sunrise,

And the eastern sky at sunset.

02 January 2009

the CAMERA never lies

Since my new camera (Merry Christmas from Mr. Sunny) has a 'food' setting, I thought it would be a good chance to document the way we eat. (OK, that is a lie. It is really just an excuse to play with my new toy.)

Yes, indeed. Mama likes to cook and when mama's home we eat the good stuff. I'm talking Tofu (and an idea for how to prepare it is available at one of my other blogs).

Homemade, hand-stone-ground (on my ginding stone, of course) whole grain bread. Wild herbal teas from leaves newly picked on the mountains in the fresh morning dew.
Vegetable salad-fresh from the backyard organic garden .

But, when Mama goes to work...

we live on...
Just joking.
It is well known that Sunny likes only dark chocolate.
Oh, OK! It is ALL a lie. The truth is actually somewhere in-between the extremes. And all because, who can resist a FOOD setting?