21 October 2006

Rock Formations

These are the rocks DH climbed up to take the pics in the previous post.

15 October 2006

The Neighborhood From Above

I love October. Anyone who doubts it is welcome to take a look at all my fall foliage posts from 2005. But, time constraints have prohibited me from wandering around and photographing any of it this year. So...Mr. Sunny to the rescue. He climbed up the hills North of the neighborhood and a wee bit East to an outcropping of rocks and called me on the cell phone to report that he had our entire house and backyard in his viewfinder. I went on the back deck to wave at him. Unless that glint of light and flash of color was someone else hiking up there. I didn't use binoculars. Probably should have grabbed his camera and photographed him since he was using mine.

The first picture is: A bird's eye view of the neighborhood without magnification. The red and yellow dots are from the afternoon sun shining through the changing colors of the leaves on the trees.

The second picture is our house in the foreground with the garage Mr. Sunny built in the back yard. He also built the deck. That black blob on it is one of our dogs being lazy.

07 October 2006

The 2006 Homecoming King

With his brother who reigned in 2003.

05 October 2006

Annual Harvest Moon Photo

This was taken tonight by Mr. Sunny in honor of Korean Thanksgiving which is on the night of the biggest full moon of the year. True, the actual date is tomorrow, but I told him it is doubtful the moon will look any bigger tomorrow night. Besides, we are busy tomorrow night with Jimmy's homecoming king thing.

I was dreading Korean Thanksgiving this year because we hardly have time for it. Between the house-fire at Jason's (everyone's OK but the cleaning up has kept us BUSY) that we found out about as we were packing up to leave town for Justin's marathon (we delayed departure) and the fragile state of Halmoni and Halaboji's health that has been requiring my presence for "translating" with them on DAILY medical appointments all week (the upside of which is that it has been mutually decided by all the relatives to postpone the Korean Thanksgiving celebration since it would be too much for the grandparents and it would hardly be appropriate to do it without them-no complaints about that from me), Jimmy's 18th birthday barely got a passing nod.

Fortunately this was a light week at work. I had been hoping to get a little housework done up ahead this week since it'll be very busy in the call center for the next two. As it turned out I did a very little bit of work at home (but a LOT at Jason's).

02 October 2006

Crossing the Finish Line

Justin was able to cross one of his life goals off the list this past weekend by completing his first ever 26 mile marathon attempt.