21 August 2007

Blue Blog

It may have gone unnoticed that the last few posts were blue.

Blue sky...blue sign...blue ocean...blue shirt.

And, now, the brilliant blue color of Mono Lake-snapped from the window of the truck as we whizzed by.

Control Alt Delete my sister

My dearly beloved friend came all the way up from Escondido to be with me at Dana Point and share her comfortable accomodations. In the elevator at her timeshare we met this cute kid and his sister who gleefully told us about his collection of "sister" T-shirts. He was most eager to be featured on the Sunny blog. But, since I didn't see his parents around to ask permission, we had to compromise. His SHIRT is featured but not his face!

Dana Point

We spent last week at Dana Point. High points of the trip included meeting in person my on-line buddy the lovely and charming Robin Kim. She drove all the way down there in the traffic and heat from over an hour North and West of there with her two delightful daughters who were both so pretty I could hardly take my eyes off of them. Also got to spend time with my good friend of several decades from Escondido. It was nice, nice, NICE!

09 August 2007

For no reason at all as far as I can see

I was poking around in the desert one day and captured this sight from afar. Quite far, thankfully. There is a military establishment out there in that general direction but I have no proof if it was them or not. Kind of spooky looking. Can't say I see much call for that kind of thing.

No special reason to post this either. Except, to validate anyone out there in blogland who feels just about to BLOW UP.

Too cute to not blog

This guy has the right idea. Every town has a jokester! I've heard about these signs before, but had never seen one untill yesterday