28 June 2008

Up to our usual antics

We had our usual weekend nature jaunt in spite of the poor air quality from the many current wildfires in California - which this is not a picture of.
Nope, It is just a photo of the sun setting behind the pine trees.

And here is another view of the same.

In case anyone is wondering, it was Mr. Sunny who got these great shots. No surprise there.

18 June 2008

Before it "springs" away

Hard to imagine in the heat wave some places have been experiencing,
but, technically it is still Spring for a couple more days. These blooms from the front yard probably won't be around much longer.

Lucky we've had them this long.

They don't last long in Summer.

16 June 2008

"It's a waxing gibbous moon tonight.

That means it's 98% full, illuminated from the right."

(Thanks to Rondi for looking that up.)

And thanks to Mr. Sunny for getting pics of it with his new telephoto lens-from Japan, no less.

14 June 2008


We joined with some kids and their parents for a ride on some of the lovely bike paths around Lake Tahoe. Sunny kept up and in fact finished the course ahead of anyone else-barely, and only because Mr. Sunny was gracious enough to give her the lead.

This is the point where outlet of the lake forms the start of the Truckee River. The bridge is locally known as "fanny" bridge. No one knows for sure just why but there is a popular opinion. Folks can always be seen standing on the bridge, hanging over the rail, looking for fish and the like in the water below.

2 weeks ago today

We were in Rhode Island for the Sunbeam's graduation. Here she is with one of her fellow MFA graduates. We were blessed at the event by the presence of Sunny's sister, Mama Bird, who came all the way from Maine to be with us. Our good friend of many years (friend of Mama Bird and the OC too), Jackie, was also able to join us, along with her daughter-who-looks-like-a-movie-star.

Speaking of good-looking, who are these lovely ladies? Could anyone who does not know us guess which is Sunny and which is Mama Bird? Or, maybe I'm fooling you and one is Jackie! OK, these two gals aren't quite THAT good looking. But, which one looks younger? Prettier?
Do NOT answer that!

06 June 2008

Leaving in style

The graduating students at Rhode Island School of Design are certainly permitted and encouraged to wear their cap and gown if they choose, or express their creativity with some other attire. (It is an art school, after all.)

Or, they can do something creative with their cap and gown.

(Pictures posted with permission.
Excluding the Right-In-Style-Dog He didn't look in the mood to be asked.)