29 May 2008

Way to Make Folks Feel Right Welcome

Relatives came a-calling.
Of course Jack was right in the thick of it

He has to personally greet everyone.

Likes to stand up and be counted

Makes sure everyone knows who is a bone-o-fid(o) member of the family.

Wait, don't the Sunnys have two dogs?
Kimmee was pouting on the landing and growling at anyone who glanced at her.
Oh yeah, really "welcoming"!

15 May 2008

Parting Shot

Mr. and Mrs. Sunny flew off into the sunset? No, but we did go to a really neat place on our trip that this picture shows a very small bit of.

Here is the whole thing but from too far away to capture the grandeur of it.

Even though we've been there and blogged that before, I couldn't resist a parting shot.

14 May 2008

Speaking of Flowers among the Rocks

One spectacular thing about the coast this time of year is the profusion of wildflowers in the crags of the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Photos don't come close to doing it justice, so, here is a shot of fields of flowers high above the surf instead. It was a lovely trip.

11 May 2008

To get to the Point Bonita Light house

we had to take a path through a spooky tunnel

and across a rattle-trap foot bridge.

(It felt rattle-trap to me. I most certainly considered the possibility of an earthquake on that swaying thing. It was a long way down to the boulder filled sea water beneath us. The fact that only two people were allowed on it at a time did NOTHING to re-assure me.)

A lot of fog there. Treacherous looking sea-water too. The area that is deep enough for ships to pass through is actually relatively narrow. It is really understandable why the light house and fog horn are needed. The museum had a map of the many ship-wrecks over the years. The light house is run electronically now, but not too many years ago it had a family of keepers. Point Bonita is a jut of land on the North side of the Golden Gate. We drove through a tunnel under highway 101 and went west for a few minutes to get there. Easy as pie. But, imagine the isolation of the family who lived there back in the days before cars. To get out of there they had a choice of an arduous and long trip by land or a dangerous trip by boat.

Here is an eastward view of the bridge.

10 May 2008

Speaking of Bridges

This is the one we cross when we walk down to the river to play.

Perhaps this sign indicates why a barricade has been put up for motor vehicles.

Bikers can still use it though. They go across and take a rest on the other side...

It is not always a scenic sight

09 May 2008

Golden Gate to the Golden State

What would a trip to San Francisco be without seeing the Golden Gate Bridge? Here she is in all her foggy glory. We drove across and also walked on it.

I didn't concern myself about earthquakes there at all. B'cuz...Take a look at the size of those cables!!!
Here are some more of the vital statistics.

Many of the tourists were from other countries. I must have heard a dozen different languages-which is always fun.

04 May 2008

So, we took another little road trip

It was nice to get out of the earthquakes for a couple days.
One popped off again not an hour and a half after we got back home.

This little guy posed nicely for us at the Marin headlands

where we also went to Point Bonita lighthouse.
More pics and narrative coming soon.