29 January 2006

Rachel at the Rink

We took our 4 yr old grandniece to her very first time ice skating today. She was a little uneasy on the ice but before an hour was up had managed a few little jumps while holding my hand. Back at her home, in sock feet on the carpet, she was ready for the Olympics. She gave her mom a series of demonstrations of her skating technique, with each jump higher and more elaborate than the previous one.

18 January 2006

The Downside of Snow


(Well, that would be almost everything. I still can't understand how anyone could like to snow ski or board. How can it possibly be fun to slide down a slippery hill in cold weather?)

Our Christmas decorations are still up. The boxes for them are in the detached garage WAY in the back of the yard and it has been too sloppy and wet to retrieve them. Not that I mind. I'm kind of enjoying it after missing so much of the pre-Christmas season around here. But, it seems it really SHOULD come down before the end of January! We've never been this late.

The pics are not of our decorations. They were taken over there where I was during the pre-Christmas season. They were in front of a flower shop. I almost didn't post them because the guy in the shop very rudely wouldn't let me take any photos of inside the store-which was even cuter than the outside. After I came all the way back with my camera too! No free advertising for him. I won't even say where it was.

The Beauty of Snow

No, I haven't converted. I am still an avid hater of snow, ice and cold weather. You won't see any nature photos of all that here. But there is an advantage to inclement weather and that would be "snow days". Classes were called off at the community college tonight or I'd be down there teaching my little heart out right now instead of blogging for my faithful readers who have been waiting with baited breath for the next e-words hot off my fingers...OK, that would be my sister. Blogging sure beats preparing the syllabus anyway!