29 January 2006

Rachel at the Rink

We took our 4 yr old grandniece to her very first time ice skating today. She was a little uneasy on the ice but before an hour was up had managed a few little jumps while holding my hand. Back at her home, in sock feet on the carpet, she was ready for the Olympics. She gave her mom a series of demonstrations of her skating technique, with each jump higher and more elaborate than the previous one.


Patty said...

reminds me of all those skating adventures at the MDC rink near GBA. We were soo cool : )

Kleokatra said...

That sounds like SO much fun!!! You look so cute MB! HEHE:)

Neilgn said...

I did my first ice skating when I was 50+ years old. It was fun. I've never fallen, but then, I only went twice. One with a youth group (my first time), and then with Essie in Manila. I've never been ice skating with Hannah.

Hannah and Esther's dad - I was tagged and didn't know it!

Sunny said...

Now Neil honey, I thought you "don't fly" (as in to Incheon to see Noah). How did you get to Manilla? Or, was it the trip to Manilla that turned you against air travel?