18 January 2006

The Beauty of Snow

No, I haven't converted. I am still an avid hater of snow, ice and cold weather. You won't see any nature photos of all that here. But there is an advantage to inclement weather and that would be "snow days". Classes were called off at the community college tonight or I'd be down there teaching my little heart out right now instead of blogging for my faithful readers who have been waiting with baited breath for the next e-words hot off my fingers...OK, that would be my sister. Blogging sure beats preparing the syllabus anyway!


Patty said...

you have hated snow for a long long time. I remember your expression and comments regarding the winter temps etc when walking up the hill to the cafeteria in winter when the wind was blowing off spot pond and the snow was falling. Such fond memories of winter !

Sunny said...

Imagine you remembering that after all these years! Guess the vile remarks and contemptous facial expressions were pretty impressive. If we were there now I'd probably still be at it.