17 February 2008


At a recent little get-together we just HAD to tell this joke.

If a person who speaks three languages is "tri-lingual", (we had three of those-see the ladies who look like they just might be able to get by in both Korean and Japanese? They could, and are also all completely fluent in English. Two are Korean and one is from Japan.)

And "bi-lingual" is a person who speaks two languages, (We had one of those there too. She's from a European country. She was behind the camera so, you can't see her.)

What is person who is fluent in only one language called?
(The two in the photo meet the description and the definition.)

First comment with the correct answer gets a SUNNY point.

(hint: it is not "mono-lingual")

06 February 2008

Happy Lunar New Year

For some dumb reason it occured to me, just before leaving the USA, that a cute clothing item would be knee-length cuffed pants for ladies. None of my fashion ideas ever seem to become a fad, so, I figured I'd have to resurrect my sewing "skills". To my surprise, here in Korea, ladies are wearing the very thing! Lot of good that will do me. I can't shop here. The sizes just don't fit. But, hey! How about them "sewing skills"? So, with a little snipping, ironing, and stitching (using the tinyest travel mending kit), here they are! Just in time for the holiday!

The elevator in the hall of this building is surrounded by mirrors. It wasn't easy, but I managed to get a front-and-back view.
Probably to get me off his doorstep with my repeated flash-sigh-delete (trying to get the angle just right), the next-door neighbor showed up and offered his photography ability. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but he was supposed to focus on the CUFFS! Also, the leg lengths are looking uneven there. Think I should go bang on his door and ask for a re-take? I could sweeten the pesterment with a "Happy New Year." No, probably not.

02 February 2008


What would a trip to Korea be without visit to THE tower? 63 stories (truly) cast a long shadow across the Han River.

Appears to be a nice day along the Han.
Unreal for this time of year.

In this picture, the tower lights twinkle in the gathering dusk.
(What? We were there during daylight!)

It looks like a long way up there.

Mother and child at 60 stories high. And that's no lie.