10 November 2009

House "Hunting"

My walking buddy is in the mood to quit renting and buy while the market is down. We set off on foot to explore the same neighborhood in which she found her dream house.

And here it is!
Not bad excluding that spider web!

Shrugging off invisible crawly creatures, I dashed her down the tree-lined street (hardly meets the stereo-type of desert living, eh?) to another one that I felt met her needs perfectly.

It didn't grab her in spite of this cute backyard
and adorable path to the front door. She suggested I buy this one and she'll take the spider house. "We can be neighbors!" Yep, that's likely to happen!

We finally found a place we can both agree on.
That eyesore of a mailbox will surely bring the value down to her price range, yeah?
No? OK, but the flower in the front yard is probably affordable.
Alas, after all that, none of these homes are up for grabs.

04 November 2009

Next Stop November

Sunny's original plan was to decline to discuss October's kaleidoscope of color. Why state the obvious? Everyone can see it. Never mind that it is a jaw-dropper and couldn't possibly have ever been this good before. (How is it possible to be surprised anew every single time?)

No need to comment on how the sunlight can cause the even the ugliest leaves to glitter like gems!

Most folks have neighbors with dynamite looking trees in the yard that pictures don't do justice to, so,
why bother to photograph it?

Must try to preserve the moment, because:

A) I didn't get to see enough of it.

B) It is over too soon.

C) I'm a danger on the road from gawking.

Time to set some priorities.
While out biking in today's 70 degree weather, taking in a little of the last little bits of awesome Autumn...

Of course Sunny couldn't resist a quick pic of these leaves reflected in a ditch!
And here it is in motion.

03 November 2009

Blogging on the "Back Burner"

I don't usually feature much of what I'm cooking on this blog. Partly because it seems highly unlikely that anyone would find my housewifely doings interesting. But, mostly because someone might ask for a recipe, and I don't use them. "Entertaining" baking is a hobby of mind, and, I happened to photograph the result of how I entertained mine this morning. I do have a life, sort of.

And, here it is-sweet potato bread. Made with buckwheat flour, which is supposedly a super food. Didn't bother to take it to work, figuring the folks there would think it was much too healthy for human consumption .
Wouldn't you just know it! One of the co-workers forgot her lunch and was hungry enough she would have happily taken it off my hands. All's not lost. I'll just force feed it to the kiddies tomorrow on their field trip.

01 November 2009

No Such Luck

posted a pretty picture of the Hunter's (I assume) moon tonight. Unlike Sunny, who can't even manage to get a decent picture of the sunset anymore, much less the moon.

Even the 8 year old managed to get a pretty decent shot of it.
Of course, the prize photo goes to her SahmChoon. (Get a load of that crater).
I can't seem to get a picture I really like these days. Too over-extended to give the process proper attention, maybe. Hmmm, Maybe it is time to take a moment to
reflect on that.

25 October 2009

Fall is not ALL about the leaves

When we first rolled into this town a couple decades ago and saw this seemingly barren landscape, I had no idea that just a few minutes off the beaten track could be found

pockets of pretty like this
or maybe this-depending on the camera setting. My pictures never seem to get the color just like the real thing. My theory is, you can either enjoy the season or try to photograph it.

These fishing folks seemed to be enjoying it.As they left the river I tried to capture an image of the two of them together between the trees. But, they walked too fast for the camera.

On second glance though,

They ARE both in both images (a bit).

These nice folks assured me that they are already movie stars and don't need any publicity. I promised them that a brief exposure on the sunny blog won't catapult them to any further fame or fortune.

I wanted to title this next set of pics
"What Northern Nevada Kids Do For Fun",
But then I realized....

she's no kid.

Some of the best colors are in our own yard.

spider webs (do a quick click on the pic to see one).

18 October 2009

Apple Picking Adventure

See that man? No? Look again. It is Mr. Sunny up that tree.

Northwest Nancy joined in on the fun, climbing her way to "fame" in sunny blogland.

Thanks for dropping by, Nancy. If you drop by this post, please feel free to leave a comment. And, get busy blogging.

Even Sunny climbed the tree (never mind that she needed help getting back down-that's not part of the story here).
And where did we have this terrific time? In the "cozy" neighbor's yard. Con Permiso, of course.

Yes, the neighbor's name sounds exactly like the word "cozy". And if this is not a cozy yard, I don't know what it is.

04 October 2009

In case this is it

('cause I'm pretty busy these days)
Sunny roses seem to fit
this blog if it goes, (or stays).

Opportunity for a quick day trip

fell into my lap yesterday. Even though the weather was windy and chilly (and I was a bit under it), lots of lovely scenery involving nature and wildlife was enjoyable.
This beaky boy among the tufa formations is probably going to lunch on some of the brine shrimp found abundantly in the waters of Mono lake.

Evidently they thrive in the mud too.

One less thriving now.

15 August 2009

Busy is better than bored

Between trips to 8 hours south of here to get the boy situated and settled in his new abode and working all the rest of the days for the past couple weeks, (not cheap having a kid in medical school) I haven't been blogging much.

Here he is with his white coat for clinical rotations. All the incoming students received one at a very special ceremony.

03 August 2009

the city of lost wages

Even though the hotel had a complimentary shuttle, I never got to the lights of the casino district this trip. Too much else to do going on. But, by hanging out a 4th floor window I got this shot of the Stratosphere, which is the strip's farthest North establishment. Pretty good considering we were located 2 miles South of the southernmost end of it.

Sometimes I use my camera as binoculars to later figure out what it was I couldn't quite see in the far distance.
Of course, the pictures usually come out horrible, but, that is some fine magnification for a pocket camera.

01 August 2009

Returned from the Reunion

It was a bit too hot in Las Vegas, and I didn't feel like taking many pictures. But, just before she had to load up and leave, one of the teen nieces endeared herself to my heart forever by noticing and being enamored with this sight. I promised to photograph it for her.

Because, we all know how much Sunny loves puddle pictures.

( flipped upside down so the reflected flowers look right side up.)

This next photo is from the road on the trip South. Sunbeam was quite taken with the reflection of the mountains on the vehicle in front of us. She was driving so I got the picture.
Got to love those reflections. Like mother like daughter. Of course, she was already endeared to my heart forever-just by taking her first breath-no, even before that!

05 July 2009

Later on the 4th

we had decided to skip the crowds and ended up
at this pretty place,

where we weren't the only ones

seeking solitude.