04 November 2009

Next Stop November

Sunny's original plan was to decline to discuss October's kaleidoscope of color. Why state the obvious? Everyone can see it. Never mind that it is a jaw-dropper and couldn't possibly have ever been this good before. (How is it possible to be surprised anew every single time?)

No need to comment on how the sunlight can cause the even the ugliest leaves to glitter like gems!

Most folks have neighbors with dynamite looking trees in the yard that pictures don't do justice to, so,
why bother to photograph it?

Must try to preserve the moment, because:

A) I didn't get to see enough of it.

B) It is over too soon.

C) I'm a danger on the road from gawking.

Time to set some priorities.
While out biking in today's 70 degree weather, taking in a little of the last little bits of awesome Autumn...

Of course Sunny couldn't resist a quick pic of these leaves reflected in a ditch!
And here it is in motion.

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