03 November 2009

Blogging on the "Back Burner"

I don't usually feature much of what I'm cooking on this blog. Partly because it seems highly unlikely that anyone would find my housewifely doings interesting. But, mostly because someone might ask for a recipe, and I don't use them. "Entertaining" baking is a hobby of mind, and, I happened to photograph the result of how I entertained mine this morning. I do have a life, sort of.

And, here it is-sweet potato bread. Made with buckwheat flour, which is supposedly a super food. Didn't bother to take it to work, figuring the folks there would think it was much too healthy for human consumption .
Wouldn't you just know it! One of the co-workers forgot her lunch and was hungry enough she would have happily taken it off my hands. All's not lost. I'll just force feed it to the kiddies tomorrow on their field trip.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sweet potato bread/rolls?

I am drooling (and now groveling). Please, please, please tell me how to make these.