06 April 2008

Hawk Gawk

Now that the weather is a little warmer, we've been walking down to the river almost every evening. Well, Mr. Sunny walks. I ride a bike. If he had to walk at my pace it wouldn't be enough exercise for him. My jogging is about the speed of his normal walking. The point is, there is a nesting hawk down there. See her little head sticking up above the sticks? She got all mad and circled around screeching when we went on the path beneath 'her' tree . I hollered up at her to get back on those eggs before they chilled, but 'chill' was not a word in her vocabulary. For the sake of the babies, we had already decided not to get too close for her comfort (Good grief, it was at least 60 feet up to her nest. How could we possibly have been a danger?) even before reading this story.
(hat tip to Rondi for blogging about it)
So, the next time we went WAY out of her way, climbing up a hill and under a barbed wire fence to a dirt road where we'd seen her absolutely ignore other pedestrians, bikers and even vehicles. We were at least over 100 feet away from the nest before we paused and merely glanced her way. Did that make her happy? It did NOT. She screeched off to the hills and returned with her mate! They flew and fussed the entire time we were there. If they would just pose nicely Mr. Sunny could get better pictures.