22 December 2006

No place like home

One year ago today I got off that plane after a trip that was too long and too far away. Wonderful to be home in time for Christmas. I celebrated this "anniversary" by pretty much hanging out at home today-just enjoying the pleasure of being here. Mr. Sunny photographed this ornament tonight. The tripod and some of our place shows in the reflection. Nothing special-(except that it kind of is).

09 December 2006

I'm Back (sort of)

Even though my inclination is to keep on pouting over the recent loss of our halmoni, my nearest and dearest has requested the blogging to continue, so, here is a picture of him talking to me via cell phone on top the previously featured neighborhood rocks. He climbed up there this afternoon and called me when he was was photo ready. I took it from the back deck. Excuse the fuzziness. I had to go 48 X magnification. Actually he had the elementary-school-aged kids of friends of ours with him. We got some hilarious pics of their antics up there too. But, no can show. Forgot to get permission from their parents to post them on the blog. Too bad too, it was a hoot.