28 May 2006

Night Sky

Not that I need to get a life or anything, but, the kids are all away tonight and, I obviously have too much time on my hands.

One is in Venice Beach where she resides right now.

One is in Europe, Spain, I believe today.

One went over the "hill" (local vernacular for the Sierra Nevada mountain range) to look at a scooter. From the sound of the dogs, I'd say he just got home.

One went camping with a bunch of friends. Silly lad. It's way too cold to camp up in those mountains. Going to go down to freezing tonight. In his defense, a LOT of folks don't seem to know that.

Yes, it's the number one 'sun' getting home. Gotta go.

27 May 2006

Evening Out

Skies cleared up so we

went here,

looked at this,

and reflected on that.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

SNOWING here on the Eastern side of the Sierra's. (Sunny side of the mountains indeed! This is supposed to be a RAIN SHADOW.) Fortunately Sunny took lots of photos in recent days when Spring was in the air and can now look IN instead of OUT for some cheery scenes. Guess that old saying about the weather is true around here. "If you don't like it, just wait 5 minutes for it to change."

20 May 2006

Sunny's Boring Blog

Was in serious danger of being deleted with a single click. It's getting boring even to Sunny. The interesting events in life are not bloggable (But if anyone wants to know the most recent adventure, email me privately). However, since it was requested that the nature pictures continue, and was further suggested that a picture of the lupine in our front yard be featured-here they are. Lupine ARE an interesting wildflower. The bees go into the petals to get the pollen, not realizing that there is a sharp point in there that will stick 'em every time. One child I'm close to (who happens to despise bees) thinks it is great that there is a situation when the bee gets the sting!

06 May 2006

Quick Trip

We FINALLY made it to see Jeanne in Venice Beach. A very quick trip-we were with the child just barely over 24 hours. The area is as nicely organized a beach as I have ever seen. The bike paths, sports areas, picnic places, children's and adult playgrounds, and exercise centers make a very nice place to play.

We went to the sushi bar where Jeanne works. The tall golden canister in the center of the pic contained the $250 bottle of Sake before she sold it - and got a one hundred dollar tip!

Because we don't get to see it very often, we really enjoyed Korea town. I especially liked the signs with a little English, a little Spanish and a little Korean. Is it just me, or, is this one particularily hilarious? (Well, how would YOU have translated that "7" in front of the Spanish word for "days"?)

Many Korean people knew when they immigrated to LA they would have to struggle with a new language-they just didn't know it would be Spanish!

Jeanne particularily liked this sign, with a little Korean, a little English and a little "Vietnamese".