28 August 2006

Just Can't Stop Blogging

We played hooky this past weekend and took a little excursion. If anyone (other than Mama KAS or Mama Bird and anyone they may have already told) manages to guess where this is I'll go ahead and put up the Harvest Moon post on my other blog a little bit early.

Hint: Kayaking was forbidden in this particular lake but we were able to use them in another one close by. The funny thing was that we almost put the kayaks in here before reading the regulation against it.

25 August 2006

Life Goes On

Yeah, I know I said I was off blogging temporarily but, real quick, here some pics of our saner moments. This has been a great summer for the peaches in the backyard. Been giving them away by the sackful to whoever will take them. Problem is, it is a good year for everyone's peaches!

16 August 2006

Back from Camping

And we sure had a good time. The pic is of Mr. Sunny and our "bro-friend" sailing out of that cove AGAINST the wind. (Not very easy-made it nice to get BACK to camp however).