23 May 2009

More of the Local Scene

One thing I like to do with this blog is to showcase some of the natural scenery around here. Of course, sometimes the same spot is more scenic than other times. For example, this is how one of my favorite perches by the river looked a few weeks ago before the weather warmed up.


(If that doesn't boost my readership, probably nothing will!)

22 May 2009

Sky Watch Friday

Awesome sky tonight.

I noticed it while out

unsuccessfully trying to get a pic of the lightning.

12 May 2009

Gaudily Gorgeous

Give me one reason for a dazzle like this. .
Oh, I remember! It is because Sunny really, really likes reddish leaves in the sun.

05 May 2009

Last night's rain

combined with today's sunny good morning,
provided me this view from the upstairs deck.

It was too big to capture the whole thing.

Guess I need wide angle lens.
But, I'd settle for the "pot of gold" at the end of that rainbow!