24 November 2008

Bursts of Bright Delight

That starkly white N on a brown hill in the previous post might give the misconception that it was a dreary hike.
Kind of like this most of the way.
It is still a pretty time of year here. And, SUNNY.

23 November 2008

Not just N-ey place

You got to love those hillside letters.
What, you can't see it? That little white spot near the ridge is an "N". Click the pic to see it larger.

Here is a closer view. It was still a lot farther away than it looks.
And this is standing right on top of it, trying to get an angle that still looks like N-ey thing.

22 November 2008

21 November 2008

Golden Glory

There's gold in them thar mountains?
Maybe not, but, look ahead to the right. Isn't that a bit of gold?
With all this, who needs gold?
Oh, there's the golden quaking aspen
quaking obligingly for the photo.

17 November 2008

To the R

"R", he told me, "is for Rachel, my sister."
"It is for Ridge, too, I Reminded him, "and we are going much faRther than the R, way beyond that one up ahead."
The view was gReat, but the tRail was a lot haRder than it looked.
He was into rock, rock-star, and rocket by the time he pRoudly pointed out where we had Recently Returned fRom.
It was a happy boy who aRRived back to the 'civilized woRld.'
"No Weh-soong-mo, we'Re hiking"