30 October 2008

Featuring Fall

from the front yard,
Some of my favorite leaves are the bushes that turn red, and having one by the driveway is a treat. Historically this area gets its first serious cold snap just in time to ruin trick-or-treating. But this year we got one unseasonably early and then it warmed up again. Somehow this caused the red leaves to turn first but the color never got very bright. (It also caused the grapes to freeze on the vine before the flavor was in. Rotted them into such a nasty mess even the birds won't touch them.) The yellow color always seems to thrive.

15 October 2008

Dog gone delighted

Had a lovely time on the phone with my sis today. She was making her first kimbop and I talked her through it. OK, she called it sushi and referred to the sea-weed as "nori", but, we're all on the same page. I made some too just so we could both blog about it. Hers will undoubtedly look better than mine. She's 'crafty'.

I was telling her about this other stuff she can try. The flavored rice is stuffed in these fried tofu pockets (called something like yooboo - buy 'em at the Korean market - oh yeah, she doesn't have one of those in small-town Maine. Oops, sorry sis).
Anyway, I took it all outside for the photos. I'm using Jimmy's camera while he has mine in France and I don't like the way his does indooors pictures. See the dog feigning disinterest while I hold up one for a close-up? Don't fall for it! That boy is GONE for people food.

Might as well let him have the yooboo now that he's contaminated the plate with dog slobber. See that blur? That is him scarfing one.

All gone buddy. Hope you don't get a stomach ache.

What a happy face!

14 October 2008

Hunter's Moon

No annual harvest moon photo this year. We skipped right over Korean Thanksgiving. Only because of the harvest moon (which coincides with the holiday), was I barely aware of it passing us by. Can't even remember if I took a photo of 'the biggest full moon of the year.' So, I offer you instead

The Hunter's Moon(Heard about it on the radio today.)
It is the next full moon after the harvest moon. In days of yore it gave hunters a chance to chase game all night by the light of the moon. First they harvested all night by the harvest moon and a month later hunted all night by the hunter's moon. All of this activity pointed to the end of Summer's plenty and the need to shore up provisions for the coming of Winter's harsh scarcity. That is the legend anyway.

11 October 2008

TTB (time to blog)

A last look (until next summer)
at my new favorite kayaking lake

So peaceful looking. This is an example of when a picture is NOT worth a thousand words. The actual story of how those last two shots came into existance is something that can most certainly not be told here. Anybody wants to know bad enough can e-mail me. Suffice it to say that the reason my blog is boring is that some of life's more interesting moments are not bloggable.