19 April 2006

Spring Flowers in Korea

He hit it just right. While he was away the weather was downright nasty at home. In fact he came home to a snowstorm (blech). And, no sooner did he leave Korea than they got hit with a smogstorm!

More Korea Pics

This pagoda is in a park overlooking the Han River. It is a short walk from the cousin's house where he stayed. But, I am not jealous because A) Been there and done that, and B) He has jet lag and I don't.

DH back from Korea

At my request he visited friends of mine while he was there. Had a lovely time with them too.

01 April 2006

Silbling Sets

These kids are second cousins to my kids (but not to each other-different sides of the family). That little boy in the second picture is the son of the older "look alike brother" in the previous post. It doesn't show up in the pics but, he strongly has the family resemblance too. It's kind of spooky.