23 March 2007

100 Days of Baby

Got to meet a new grand niece this week. She's in town to celebrate her first successful 100 days of life with the extended family. I accidently gave the kid a hundred bucks. Hey, it makes sense to me-a hundred bucks for a hundred days. But, in reality, I had gotten my Korean customs mixed up. Yes, the hundred day party is a biggie, but you do the bucks on the first birthday. That is when the child is presented with money representing wealth vs. other representations for other desirable attributes such as scholastic ability etc. Supposedly whichever thing the child reaches for predicts whether it will be rich or scholarly or...whatever, I don't remember the others. All the kids in our family went for the money. And none of them show any signs of getting rich quick yet. But, I didn't mind slipping the birthday girl her first C note. It was worth it to see the look on the face of her dad. For a minute I had him really confused too. But the very best moment was when I absent-mindedly asked the baby's age to the mom. She was mentally calculating it when all of a sudden we said in eye-rolling, head-smacking, self-scorning unison, "She's 100 days old!" Duh!

17 March 2007

Early Birthday Mama Bird

Surprise!! Would you look at what we have out here in the wild west! Just like yours! I discovered this last Spring while driving back from Phoenix and just had to get back over there for a photo in time for Your B'day.

11 March 2007

Other Brother's Birthday

Remember when you were out here a few weeks ago and we hiked up to this very spot? And almost got blown away trying to get back down.

Then on the way to the hot springs we pulled off the road to take a few pics of the scenery. That's when I looked behind us and saw this great sight. What a fine day that was! Hope today was a good one for you too.

Rolled in the snow and jumped back in the hot pool. You're a hardy thing!

10 March 2007


Three of my siblings celebrate birthdays within a week of each other in the month of March. Since the siblings all live back east, I visited a bird sanctuary in honor of today's birthday boy. Might just as well have stayed home. We see plenty of birds in our own back yard. They already think they're in a sanctuary the way we feed them. Anyway, saw a lot of water fowl there today too. Most of them weren't into holding still for pics. Except this little guy posing around and acting all sanctuaried.

In this other photo that white stuff isn't snow. It is some kind of salt. The park is in a "sink" (I'd translate that "salt marsh"). Interestingly I did not see another human or vehicle while out there.

08 March 2007

Honey, I'm Home

While I was out of the country towards the end of 2005, Mr. Sunny grew this plant from a bulb. He correctly calculated that it would be blooming by the time I got back home. I had previously believed the "fact" that a forced bulb flowers only once. Boy, was I wrong. He kept it going all through the dormant stage and suddenly, it began to grow again. Now it is flowering even better than the first time. In case anyone is wondering what that string with a thing like a green bean is...well, it is a bean. And the string is for our pet bean plant to climb on. It is tied to another plant hanging from above that does not show in the picture. And, on the off chance that anyone is wondering why suddenly I'm in the mood to blog again after swearing off of it for so long...well, I don't know. Except, maybe I need to get a life, or something (just joking).
Click the pic for a close-up of the bean.