08 March 2007

Honey, I'm Home

While I was out of the country towards the end of 2005, Mr. Sunny grew this plant from a bulb. He correctly calculated that it would be blooming by the time I got back home. I had previously believed the "fact" that a forced bulb flowers only once. Boy, was I wrong. He kept it going all through the dormant stage and suddenly, it began to grow again. Now it is flowering even better than the first time. In case anyone is wondering what that string with a thing like a green bean is...well, it is a bean. And the string is for our pet bean plant to climb on. It is tied to another plant hanging from above that does not show in the picture. And, on the off chance that anyone is wondering why suddenly I'm in the mood to blog again after swearing off of it for so long...well, I don't know. Except, maybe I need to get a life, or something (just joking).
Click the pic for a close-up of the bean.


Rondi said...

Whoa! Here you area again! Yay! I love your pictures, especially. And this Amaryllis is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You have a pet bean plant? LOL

Thanks, you just made my day; I'll be chuckling about your new "pet" for hours.