09 July 2010

The Blog Stops Here

Goodbyes are not forever.

Goodbyes are not the end.

They simply mean I'll miss you

Until we meet again!

~Author Unknown
That's me up there on the header photo, waving bye-bye. Because

5 years (precisely-check it out- My very first post was 9:37 AM July 9, 2005) of good blogging is a good time to stop.

It has been a good 5 years. It was great fun documenting it...kind of like making an electronic scrapbook.

Lots of wonderful things still happening. But, I've clearly lost interest in recording them on-line. So much so that I can hardly even muster enough enthusiasm for a good-bye post.

But...bye-bye anyway (Well, not really "good-bye" or anything. That might not be especially appropriate considering that this post is scheduled to publish just as I go under anesthesia).

Thanks to all who dropped in and God bless.

It does stop here but it also stays here.
Because, I really loved my little blog.

I really love my life too.

And, also, I love all of you.

21 March 2010

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

1) Not only was the birthday girl surprised, but, 2) so were the neighbors when they came home to the decoy balloons at their door. 3) Then some of the guests were surprised when they almost showed up at the wrong house.

But the biggest of all is that the lovely birthday girl and her lovely sister (who hosted the party), ARE BOTH NOW BLOGGING!
They can be found at Connie on Cloud 9

01 January 2010

Happy New Year

Something to be sunny about!

In the interest of keepin' it happy, the previous post of a snow storm was removed. That was too much negativity for this blog. We have subsequently had a nice winter day of soft snowflakes that melt as soon as they hit the ground. That kind does not bother me. Not even when we were swimming in a hot springs in the midst of a "snowstorm".

10 November 2009

House "Hunting"

My walking buddy is in the mood to quit renting and buy while the market is down. We set off on foot to explore the same neighborhood in which she found her dream house.

And here it is!
Not bad excluding that spider web!

Shrugging off invisible crawly creatures, I dashed her down the tree-lined street (hardly meets the stereo-type of desert living, eh?) to another one that I felt met her needs perfectly.

It didn't grab her in spite of this cute backyard
and adorable path to the front door. She suggested I buy this one and she'll take the spider house. "We can be neighbors!" Yep, that's likely to happen!

We finally found a place we can both agree on.
That eyesore of a mailbox will surely bring the value down to her price range, yeah?
No? OK, but the flower in the front yard is probably affordable.
Alas, after all that, none of these homes are up for grabs.

04 November 2009

Next Stop November

Sunny's original plan was to decline to discuss October's kaleidoscope of color. Why state the obvious? Everyone can see it. Never mind that it is a jaw-dropper and couldn't possibly have ever been this good before. (How is it possible to be surprised anew every single time?)

No need to comment on how the sunlight can cause the even the ugliest leaves to glitter like gems!

Most folks have neighbors with dynamite looking trees in the yard that pictures don't do justice to, so,
why bother to photograph it?

Must try to preserve the moment, because:

A) I didn't get to see enough of it.

B) It is over too soon.

C) I'm a danger on the road from gawking.

Time to set some priorities.
While out biking in today's 70 degree weather, taking in a little of the last little bits of awesome Autumn...

Of course Sunny couldn't resist a quick pic of these leaves reflected in a ditch!
And here it is in motion.

03 November 2009

Blogging on the "Back Burner"

I don't usually feature much of what I'm cooking on this blog. Partly because it seems highly unlikely that anyone would find my housewifely doings interesting. But, mostly because someone might ask for a recipe, and I don't use them. "Entertaining" baking is a hobby of mind, and, I happened to photograph the result of how I entertained mine this morning. I do have a life, sort of.

And, here it is-sweet potato bread. Made with buckwheat flour, which is supposedly a super food. Didn't bother to take it to work, figuring the folks there would think it was much too healthy for human consumption .
Wouldn't you just know it! One of the co-workers forgot her lunch and was hungry enough she would have happily taken it off my hands. All's not lost. I'll just force feed it to the kiddies tomorrow on their field trip.

01 November 2009

No Such Luck

posted a pretty picture of the Hunter's (I assume) moon tonight. Unlike Sunny, who can't even manage to get a decent picture of the sunset anymore, much less the moon.

Even the 8 year old managed to get a pretty decent shot of it.
Of course, the prize photo goes to her SahmChoon. (Get a load of that crater).
I can't seem to get a picture I really like these days. Too over-extended to give the process proper attention, maybe. Hmmm, Maybe it is time to take a moment to
reflect on that.