01 November 2009

No Such Luck

posted a pretty picture of the Hunter's (I assume) moon tonight. Unlike Sunny, who can't even manage to get a decent picture of the sunset anymore, much less the moon.

Even the 8 year old managed to get a pretty decent shot of it.
Of course, the prize photo goes to her SahmChoon. (Get a load of that crater).
I can't seem to get a picture I really like these days. Too over-extended to give the process proper attention, maybe. Hmmm, Maybe it is time to take a moment to
reflect on that.


Rondi said...

This made me laugh. Normally YOU are the one who gets the picture! I love visiting your blog. You're funny and witty...and a great photographer besides. I always feel refreshed after I've stopped by...

Sunny said...

Thanks Rondi,
As you know this is my 'blog-lite'.
I enjoy yours too and always look forward to your next post.