17 March 2009

Sunny Good Morning

The problem with the night shift is obvious and doesn't merit mention.

But just look what I came home to!

Here they are late yesterday afternoon; politely looking sad and lonely when I told them I had to go bye-bye and would see them again in about 14 hours.
They must have bloomed their little hearts out all night long because now they are having a sunny good morning.

11 March 2009

Wednesday's Word

HOORAY! Here comes Spring!
Today, on Sleepy Cat Hollow's Wordless Wednesday was featured the first daffidil of the year. Later while taking the dog for a walk I saw one in our own neighborhood.
Pretty amazing considering what Mr. Sunny did today!

01 March 2009

Anza Borrego State Park

was very bright and sunny,

at 86 degrees Fahrenheit,

and blooming,
on the first of March, 2009