20 May 2006

Sunny's Boring Blog

Was in serious danger of being deleted with a single click. It's getting boring even to Sunny. The interesting events in life are not bloggable (But if anyone wants to know the most recent adventure, email me privately). However, since it was requested that the nature pictures continue, and was further suggested that a picture of the lupine in our front yard be featured-here they are. Lupine ARE an interesting wildflower. The bees go into the petals to get the pollen, not realizing that there is a sharp point in there that will stick 'em every time. One child I'm close to (who happens to despise bees) thinks it is great that there is a situation when the bee gets the sting!


Rondi said...

Don't stop writing or sharing your pictures. I have enjoyed getting caught up on you and your family and getting a taste for where you live. I've not spent much time there except to drive through a couple of times. You have a nack for finding real beauty!

Patty said...

Don't you dare delet your blog !!!!
I check it all the time and love your pictures and what you write. What a silly girl you are thinking its boring.
I want to hear about the latest adventure : )