28 May 2006

Night Sky

Not that I need to get a life or anything, but, the kids are all away tonight and, I obviously have too much time on my hands.

One is in Venice Beach where she resides right now.

One is in Europe, Spain, I believe today.

One went over the "hill" (local vernacular for the Sierra Nevada mountain range) to look at a scooter. From the sound of the dogs, I'd say he just got home.

One went camping with a bunch of friends. Silly lad. It's way too cold to camp up in those mountains. Going to go down to freezing tonight. In his defense, a LOT of folks don't seem to know that.

Yes, it's the number one 'sun' getting home. Gotta go.


Rondi said...

Wow! What an amazing shot! I am loving this blog-sharing! Every lives such different lives...each with their own beauty surrounding them. Sometimes we have to look to find it, other times it just hits you over the head. How lovely to be able to capture it for ourselves to remember and others to understand...

Patty said...

Love the fingernail moon. World traveller in the family I see.
Its amazing how they all go off and do such different things.
Oh, it seems to me I remember a few chilly camping trips in our youth. Fall time was pretty but also a wee bit chilly.