02 June 2006

The "Green" Desert

A decade and a half or so ago we moved "out West" from "back East". It was a welcome move. I had never adjusted to the weather in the Northeastern seaboard. We arrived in what was touted as "the greenest time of the year" (approximately this time of year). To which I replied, "Yeah, right!" There was simply no green to be seen! Unless you counted that greenish brown look. It took a couple of days to begin to appreciate the high desert's own special stark and rugged beauty. (Translation: It was so different and strange looking that we were almost in a state of shock. But it wore off in a couple days as we got used to it and the area started to grow on us)

By our one year anniversary, in the midst of blessing God that we had landed in such a great spot, I found myself commenting on how lovely and green the desert was this time of year! Now I take special care to notice the green every Spring and give it a "green" rating based on previous Springs. This year it was late but above average. Of course, by now I am fairly expert at finding what green there is year round. Not the vivid greens of the East of course, but, anyone can see that green!

Here is a random shot of desert Spring "green." I specifically took it of an average looking area just so it won't seem like I'm always bragging about the scenery around here. I admit, you do have to kind of look for the good parts.

It doesn't show in the top picture, but frequently mixed in with that desert "green" is large reddish brown areas which come from this little weed that tends to grow in patches.

It is probably a nuisance, but, so prettily graceful when the wind blows on it-what's not to love?


Rondi said...

Now I see what you mean about the desert. A whole different kind of beauty...

Sunny said...

Thank you Rondi. "Different" is the key word here. But, it grows on you. Come out sometime. See it up close for yourself.