13 June 2006

Blogging from the back yard

Sunny's tips for picking cherries:

The prettiest cherry will always be just out of reach.

The birds know which ones are pretty too.

If you manage to get that pretty one, plan on finding out that a bird already took a bite from the side away from your line of vision.

Some of the cherries are sticky coming off the tree. Probably from bird saliva.

When the perfect cherry is in your hand, put it in your mouth instead of the bucket. Chances are it will get dropped to the ground anyway.

More cherries should be eaten than dropped in the bucket.

The bucket is most likely to spill when it is pretty full.

People who are a little afraid of heights should not answer the cell phone from the top rung of a ladder.

Getting a dizzy spell at the top of a ladder is a thought provoking experience.

Although there are plenty of trees, the birds want the one you are in.

The birds resent your presence in "their" tree.

They are scared enough of humans that they won't even come get the spilled cherries under the tree. So, when you move the ladder, gather up the rejects from the ground to toss in the flower bed for them. Otherwise, they will WATCH you, and not in a friendly way.

Quit before the sight of cherries is revolting.

It is absolutely quitting time when black bugs are noticed on the leaves.

The total experience isn't quite the pits, but, it is no bowl of cherries either.


Rondi said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures! I love cherries and it's time for breakfast...and I'm wishing I could eat what I see!!!

Mama Bird said...

Oh, but they look soooo yummy!

Patty said...

I am jealous ! We had cherry trees in Oregon. The girls climbed the tree daily and got more than the birds did.