28 June 2006


As it turns out I am getting a little computer time. The Biltmore has remote access and DH's laptop (from work that he brought along to do the bullets for his laser presentation) has built in remote capability. So, here we are in Providence. I am NOT used to this humidity anymore. But, I really think Jeanne will like being a student here once she gets settled in at the RISD. Good news!!! It looks like we have found a good residential situation for her. This really is PROVIDENCE. Other things we have done is go to see Dave's (my brother) sail-boat. We had planned to be his "crew" for his biggest race of the year. But, the race was called off due to inclement weather. We also took a little side trip up to the area in MA where we used to live. The pictures are: 1)The house we used to live in (big old thing-we took a quick snap from the car window-didn't want the current owners to think we were stalking them or something), 2)The skipper and his first mate. That was the first time I'd seen a dog in a life jacket, and 3)The Marina where Dave keeps his baby..er..boat.


Patty said...

Dave looks great. Were you impressed with our old stomping grounds ????

Allan said...

Lucky bums. Someday I'll get to go sailing with that salty sea-dog Uncle of my missus.