27 May 2006

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

SNOWING here on the Eastern side of the Sierra's. (Sunny side of the mountains indeed! This is supposed to be a RAIN SHADOW.) Fortunately Sunny took lots of photos in recent days when Spring was in the air and can now look IN instead of OUT for some cheery scenes. Guess that old saying about the weather is true around here. "If you don't like it, just wait 5 minutes for it to change."


Rondi said...

I had no idea Nevada could be so beautiful! You certainly have a nack for capturing the beauty around you! I've only driven through Nevada, though, so don't really have a good idea of what it has to offer...I always thought it was mostly desert and bare mountains, but you've shown me otherwise! Happy Mmorial Day Weekend to you, too!

Sunny said...

Well, most of the pics I'm showing are of the watered areas. And, you do kind of have to stop and look for the pretty spots. It is nothing that jumps out at you. Especially on a drive through. When we moved out here we took a drive to check out the area and almost went into a state of shock. But, after a couple days it kind of grows on you. It has a special kind of stark and rugged beauty. In the archives are some actualy desert photos. Maybe I'll post some more.