04 October 2009

In case this is it

('cause I'm pretty busy these days)
Sunny roses seem to fit
this blog if it goes, (or stays).


Rondi said...

Don't give it up altogether! I totally understand being busy, though. I haven't posted much lately either. In January, I made myself post every single day. Since then, I've been hard pressed to do two days in a row. Still...it's a nice connecting point, however infrequently...and I do enjoy your photography! Those reflection pictures are especially cool!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! So, you don't have time for lots of posting--don't make it go away. Please. All your pretty pictures and interesting words "aren't eating the fur off anyone's back" sitting here ready for random passersby (or old friends) to stop in occasionally. And someday you'll once again have something you simply have to share. And we'll be happy to see it when it appears.

Of course I keep telling myself that I'll write something new about some of the lovely adventures we've had in the last few months...and then I never do. Or have. Yet. ;)

Mama Bird

Sunny said...

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. I like to look at the pictures too, so won't take it down or anything. Just hate to be neglecting it. Maybe I can commit to posting at least a couple times a year until things slow down.

Brenda said...

You have some of the most wonderful,beautiful,outstanding,
photography I have ever had the privilege to see,you can easily get lost in it!Please don't take it down.It would be such a loss!
I would miss it and your blog!!!

Sunny said...

Oh Brenda, thank you so much. I spent some time on your blog too, and enjoyed it very much (it is a little known fact that Sunny likes both trucks and motorcycles). Soon I must post a link to the most beautiful photos in blog land. I really think you are going to like it.

Dandelionkisses said...

Hello hello :) Here I am.

Sunny said...

Hi Wendy, I see you here.