01 August 2009

Returned from the Reunion

It was a bit too hot in Las Vegas, and I didn't feel like taking many pictures. But, just before she had to load up and leave, one of the teen nieces endeared herself to my heart forever by noticing and being enamored with this sight. I promised to photograph it for her.

Because, we all know how much Sunny loves puddle pictures.

( flipped upside down so the reflected flowers look right side up.)

This next photo is from the road on the trip South. Sunbeam was quite taken with the reflection of the mountains on the vehicle in front of us. She was driving so I got the picture.
Got to love those reflections. Like mother like daughter. Of course, she was already endeared to my heart forever-just by taking her first breath-no, even before that!


Rondi said...

Cool, cool photos! I love the puddle ones especially! I don't know if I could stand heat like that though =(

Sunny said...

Hey Rondi,
It is a nice place to visit. Not sure I'd want to live there year round.

Beloved said...

Wow. Those photos are AMAZING!!!