02 February 2008


What would a trip to Korea be without visit to THE tower? 63 stories (truly) cast a long shadow across the Han River.

Appears to be a nice day along the Han.
Unreal for this time of year.

In this picture, the tower lights twinkle in the gathering dusk.
(What? We were there during daylight!)

It looks like a long way up there.

Mother and child at 60 stories high. And that's no lie.


Rondi said...

That shadow pictures is cool! I enjoyed your sermon story, too. You should write a book!!!

Cody said...

It seems like you are having such fun. I'm nervous just thinking about the height!

Beloved said...

I went to the Yook-Sam building, but never up to the top. I think it was closed or something when I went there although I went a few times, so I don't remember why I've never been up. It's kind of weird now that I think about it. Love your pictures (as usual).

sunny said...

Thanks Rondi. Glad you like it.

Cody-Hi. Who are you? Are you Robin's Cody? Are you Robin in disguise? Someone else? Anyway, Welcome.

Beloved-that's a coinkidinky. Because, the other times I was there we saw ONLY the top. This was the first time we explored the aquarium and all that down below. I kept refusing to think about an earthquake or something while we were up there. Or down in the depths for that matter.

Mama Nabi said...

GREAT... now you got me all homesick... sniff. Lived in Yoido the most while in Korea... my mom has her office in Yoido as well. For about 4 years of high school, I went home to Yoido, apts right across the street from 63 building. Sniff, sniff.