17 February 2008


At a recent little get-together we just HAD to tell this joke.

If a person who speaks three languages is "tri-lingual", (we had three of those-see the ladies who look like they just might be able to get by in both Korean and Japanese? They could, and are also all completely fluent in English. Two are Korean and one is from Japan.)

And "bi-lingual" is a person who speaks two languages, (We had one of those there too. She's from a European country. She was behind the camera so, you can't see her.)

What is person who is fluent in only one language called?
(The two in the photo meet the description and the definition.)

First comment with the correct answer gets a SUNNY point.

(hint: it is not "mono-lingual")


Mama Bird said...

Definitely "envious"!!!

Says this person who is unfortunately only fluent in one and a quarter languages.

sunny said...

Good answer. Nice thinking outside of the box. That's ten points.

Beloved said...

American!!! Did I win?

sunny said...

You DID win.
E-mail me your physical address and I will mail you something from Korea. Use my hotmail addy. I'll go post it over at that internet place that you and I are both a member of.

Mama Bird, for being first, I'll send you something too.

Robin J. said...

Man, I was thinking way too hard...

mama bird said...

I won something! I won something! Yay!

Oh. Right. Thank you. :D

sunny said...

Mama Bird: You did.
And Robin, you shall receive the consolation prize.

Contest is now officially over.