04 February 2006

We Take to the Woods

Yeah, I know I promised there'd be no snow pics on this blog, but what are you going to do when it ends up with snow where you want to go.

We took a little drive in the mountains today-on uncleared roads. Right, that's what the 3/4 ton diesel powered truck with 4 wheel drive, 5 gears and a lift kit is for. Still, I kept waiting for a mud-slide to block the way or something. Triple A doesn't come to closed back-country areas.

As you can see by the antenna, I was sticking the camera out the window and snapping pics while the truck was in (slow) motion. You know those ads where the 4WD vehicle zooms across a snowy road with no trouble? Don't you believe it. Those roads in the commercial are flat and straight.

A little too much adventure, but I DO have to admit, just a bit grudgingly, that the scenery was good enough. And not too cold out either, so, I actually even got out walked in the white stuff a little. OK, I concede. Snow isn't THAT bad as long as you don't have to shovel it, don't get stuck in it, don't get ANY of it on your body and don't get too cold in it. Good thing I've come around since plans for a show-shoeing trip are in the making.


Patty said...

Your pictures are beautiful ! Now of course I like the snow so am a bit bias.

Sunny said...

Well, you know me, I only post the pretty stuff. And, obviously in the slippery steep areas I wasn't in the mood to get out or hang out the window with camera in hand.

Mama Bird said...

Ah, now, that looks like a lovely adventure...after you edited out the slippery bits, of course.

Cheryl said...

It's so pretty!! We've only had snow once this winter. It makes me want to go find a mountain to drive up to look for snow tomorrow!