25 February 2006

Can Anyone Tell Me

What kind of bird is this?

This morning our front yard trees were covered with dozens of these birds. None of the neighbors had feathered friends in their yards. They stayed for several hours before taking off. The only attraction seemed to be the juniper bushes nearby. A few birds at a time would be eating the berries off the bushes. We've never seen anything like them in the yard before. We're not birders so can't identify much beyond the commoner ones, like, robins, blue-jays, red-winged black birds, sparrows, starlings, morning doves, quail and pigeons.


Patty said...

Its a cedar waxwing !

Sunny said...

Thanks Patty. I remembered another bird I can identify. A Red Headed Woodpecker! And not just Woody Woodpecker either. Also, goldfinches. And, now, Cedar Waxwing. At this rate maybe I should get out binocs and go birdwatching!

Patty said...

make sure you get the proper bird watching attire should you decide to take up the hobby, you know, the shorts with a zillion pockets, a pith helmet, knee socks and a pocket guide to birds sticking out of a pocket. You may want to envision all the "old" folks we used to make fun of : )
I must confess, we do keep a journal of the birds we identify.
What have we become !

Sunny said...

Miss Hathaway from Beverly Hillbillies.

Twilight Wind said...

Cedar Waxwing! : ) Gosh, I'm proud of myself that I knew that one right away, remembering it from college.

Cedar Waxwings are adorable. They like fruited trees especially. I have an anthropomorphic, poetic bird book that describes the Cedar Waxwing getting a little "drunk" on the fruit juice, as it ferments late in the fall. : ) I always remember that about Cedar Waxwings.

I'm moving out to the countryside soon, and I hope I get to see some birds!!!

Twilight Wind