11 May 2008

To get to the Point Bonita Light house

we had to take a path through a spooky tunnel

and across a rattle-trap foot bridge.

(It felt rattle-trap to me. I most certainly considered the possibility of an earthquake on that swaying thing. It was a long way down to the boulder filled sea water beneath us. The fact that only two people were allowed on it at a time did NOTHING to re-assure me.)

A lot of fog there. Treacherous looking sea-water too. The area that is deep enough for ships to pass through is actually relatively narrow. It is really understandable why the light house and fog horn are needed. The museum had a map of the many ship-wrecks over the years. The light house is run electronically now, but not too many years ago it had a family of keepers. Point Bonita is a jut of land on the North side of the Golden Gate. We drove through a tunnel under highway 101 and went west for a few minutes to get there. Easy as pie. But, imagine the isolation of the family who lived there back in the days before cars. To get out of there they had a choice of an arduous and long trip by land or a dangerous trip by boat.

Here is an eastward view of the bridge.


Rondi said...

Interesting! I used to think it would be cool to be a lighthouse keeper, but you're right about the isolation. Maybe not so cool for a long period of time...

sunny said...

Rondi, maybe you can visit the lighthouse while you are in SF. It's not far from the bridge.