15 October 2006

The Neighborhood From Above

I love October. Anyone who doubts it is welcome to take a look at all my fall foliage posts from 2005. But, time constraints have prohibited me from wandering around and photographing any of it this year. So...Mr. Sunny to the rescue. He climbed up the hills North of the neighborhood and a wee bit East to an outcropping of rocks and called me on the cell phone to report that he had our entire house and backyard in his viewfinder. I went on the back deck to wave at him. Unless that glint of light and flash of color was someone else hiking up there. I didn't use binoculars. Probably should have grabbed his camera and photographed him since he was using mine.

The first picture is: A bird's eye view of the neighborhood without magnification. The red and yellow dots are from the afternoon sun shining through the changing colors of the leaves on the trees.

The second picture is our house in the foreground with the garage Mr. Sunny built in the back yard. He also built the deck. That black blob on it is one of our dogs being lazy.


Beloved said...

Your place looks so nice. SG and I are planning on going to Southern Vermont this coming weekend for our anniversary so I plan to post some foliage pictures on my blog. Hope I get some good ones.

Sunny said...

I hope you have a great time and get some good pics. The leaves are one thing I miss about New England. I used to walk around in fall with my mouth just gaping open at the wonder of it in spite of the allergens.
PS the house looks better in the picture than it really is.

weigook saram said...

I envy you those fall colors. Nothing like that here! Gorgeous picture.

Patty said...

great pictures ! That is one good size garage. I am sure its a real blessing to store things in.