13 January 2009

Random Reader Recognition

Happy birthday Sunbeam.
She concocted this creation to ring in the new year.
I bet Nevada Hiker would like this bumper sticker-if he doesn't already have one. Maybe it was his car down the street from our house. (Tx for the link, KK)

"Hi guys" to the bloggers of Morning Ramble and May's Day.

The talented 9 year old who took the above photo has her own reasons for appreciating this street sign.

This next set is for Mama Dulce and Mama Bird.
These antics were captured on December 30, 2008.

Fuzzy digital magnification shows short sleeves on one of the boys and the other was wearing cutoffs. They're not crazy kids-it wan't that bad out. (Sunny bundled up)

Last but not least, Selah Skipper, if you are still checking in, please peek at this problem and ponder it prudently. See the trouble I had photographing the moon at perigree? Nasty old clouds and telephone poles messed up my picture. You could cheer me up by starting your own blog. But.... if you already have one and didn't tell me....
You're in big trouble mister! (See you in July.)

Having trouble with links these days, so if all of you mentioned want to maximize the 'fame' that comes from appearing on the sunny blog, you'll have to comment with a clickable link to your own site.

For the unmentioned faithful few
(and feedgit gadgit's drop-ins too)
I appreciate every one of you.


Patty said...

Hi there Sunny, love the photo of you and those cookies for 2009 look really really good : )

Rondi said...

Hi Sunny-- I always enjoy your blog. Your photos are always interesting and beautiful. It's fun to meet here every day or so, isn't it?!

Nevada Hiker said...

Hey Sunny,
Actually I'm a member of the Nevada Wilderness Project. Thanks for thinking about me.


Mama Bird said...

Yeah that's okay, go ahead and rub it in. Especially when we got another 15+" of snow out of this last storm. But at least the temperature is staying above 0 now. Sigh.

On happier notes, the Sunbeam was pretty clever with those cookies and I LOVE that picture of you!

Anonymous said...

Picture is fine as is, clouds and poles included.
Selah's Skipper