02 January 2009

the CAMERA never lies

Since my new camera (Merry Christmas from Mr. Sunny) has a 'food' setting, I thought it would be a good chance to document the way we eat. (OK, that is a lie. It is really just an excuse to play with my new toy.)

Yes, indeed. Mama likes to cook and when mama's home we eat the good stuff. I'm talking Tofu (and an idea for how to prepare it is available at one of my other blogs).

Homemade, hand-stone-ground (on my ginding stone, of course) whole grain bread. Wild herbal teas from leaves newly picked on the mountains in the fresh morning dew.
Vegetable salad-fresh from the backyard organic garden .

But, when Mama goes to work...

we live on...
Just joking.
It is well known that Sunny likes only dark chocolate.
Oh, OK! It is ALL a lie. The truth is actually somewhere in-between the extremes. And all because, who can resist a FOOD setting?

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