07 January 2009

Sort of tagged

(Links aren't loading right now, but I got this game from http://sleepycathollow.wordpress.com/)

The rules:

1) Go to your picture folder, or wherever you store your photos on your computer

2) Go to the sixth folder and pick the sixth picture.

3) Post it on your blog and tell the story that goes along with the picture

4) Tag five friends to do the same thing, and leave a message on their blog that they have been tagged.

I tag everyone who reads this blog, both of you!

Please leave a message in the comments if you play so I can go look at your picture and story.

The disclaimer: the 6th picture wouldn't load for some reason and the 4th and 5th pictures couldn't be used for privacy reasons (showed the face of this little guy), so, I had to back up to the second or third or something. Sue me.

The story: We'll call the gentleman in the wheel-chair "Jeb'. He used to be a real popular guy at church before his stroke. He was a friendly door-greeter, gave out gum to little kids, showed a real interest in everybody. Folks came to him to talk over all kinds of things. He'd listen intently and make sympathetic sounds. Just a real nice people person.

Then he had this massive stroke that almost left him dead. In fact, when he had it, I was in Korea taking my in-laws to the NEWSTART program there. I kept thinking, "Oh, Jeb would really love this program. It would be good for him and with his friendly nature he'd be good for everyone else here." Then, when I got home, there he was lying in a hospital bed unable to speak. For a man like him to not be able to speak was a real loss. Talking with people was his THING! He gripped my hand and I said, "Jeb, you can't talk now but you can still listen." He got my message.

He still can't talk much, but he is back to being a friendly door greeter. He gives gum to little kids and shows a real interest in everybody. Folks come to him to talk over all kinds of things. He listens intently and makes sympathetic sounds. Just a real nice people person. First time he got back to church with his angel-of-a-wife, the whole program had to stop while he got a standing ovation. He is a real popular guy there.

The little guy? Oh, that is the congregational grandson. His mommy calls him "a grandpa's boy." He loves all grandfathers. He and Jeb are great pals. He loves to run to 'grandpa' Jeb and hold his hand. Guess the title of this photo should be...



Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

Well heck! That brought a tear to the eye.

Thank you for that wonderful story!


Mama Bird said...

Wow, that's an awesome story.

I think I'll go look for the sixth folder and the sixth picture and see if there's a story there. Bet it won't be as good as yours, though.