08 January 2009

fixer-up fotos

I've always been a SOOC (straight out of the camera - learned that lingo from blogger Mama Bird recently) kind of blogger. Not because I'm a purist, just didn't know any better. No kidding, I just found out within the last few weeks about cropping photos and fixing red-eye. But, a recent discussion about digitally tinkering with photos over at Sierra Nevada Ramblings gave me the idea to try it for the very first time.

For example, last night the sunset was cloudless and kind of colorless. Didn't stop me from taking pictures of it. This is how it actually looked. Kind of pretty in its own way. Almost a purplish tint to that gray sky.
THIS is how it looked after I added some 'warm tint' to it.
The stark branches were interesting shapes in the dusk.
It looks like the sky in the background is getting duskier and more purple but it was really only me darkening it up
and adding a bluer tint.

Night fell and without the flash this last picture was too dark for recognition. I almost deleted it. But with a little lightening up of the background....this ugly thing appeared.
So, who thinks I should just be a purist? That would be me. Well, if I post any tinkered pics I'll admit it. But, if unlike me, anyone else is having better luck getting their tinkered photos to look better than the natural ones, please have at it. I like to look at PRETTY pictures.


Nevada Hiker said...

Hi Sunny,

I "tinker" with all of my photos. First, I all shoot RAW file photos so I can tinker with then or as I like to call it "optimize". Now don't get me wrong I don't add clouds, herds of elk or cut & paste peoples heads on funny looking bodies in my photos , but I do sharpen,adjust the exposure and sometimes crop. I think this is ethical and makes it closer to what I actually was looking at though my viewfinder. The human eye is so much more advanced than the camera lens so we must adjust to get the true images. However I do tried to do as many adjustments in my camera so I have less work to do on my computer and is more ethically correct(EC?). My pet photo peeve is when folks capture images of animals in captivity and do not post that fact with their photos....BAD!

Anyway I like your blog I'm posting a link to your blog on my blog if that's OK


Sunny said...

Hey Nevada Hiker,

I'd be delighted to be linked!

Oh, your photos look great. I'm glad you are able to get them to more closely represent what you actually saw. My pictures never manage to look as good as real life.

Blog on bro,


Ruth said...

I tinker too, but say so in my side bar. Often I just add a frame and don't need to do anything else. Your pictures are lovely and match your blog well.