03 January 2009

Pink Sky at Night = SUNNY DELIGHT

My new Christmas camera from Mr. Sunny has a 'sunset' setting. The same setting works perfectly well on a sunRISE. In case anyone thinks I haven't been having fun with it, just look at a few of the recent posts and pics. But, these picture are not actually of the sun rising or setting. It is what is referred to around here as alpen glow (although if you want to be technical, I don't think it truly is). Regardless, one nice thing about the sky around here is how it sometimes gets pink to the east with the sunsets and to the west at sunrise. Has something to do with clouds, the mountains, and the elevation etc.

This is the western sky at sunrise,

And the eastern sky at sunset.


Allan said...

I cannot think of anything sufficiently profound to match the beauty in these two images. Thank-you for posting them.

Sunny said...

Thank YOU for the comments!